Hot Takes on a Plate

Hot Takes on a Plate explores the things that make us feel — and how those feelings collide with food. From fun food opinions to serious looks at how food intersects with current events, host Rob Petrone dissects and debates hot food takes with his culinary world friends, celebrity chefs, food media luminaries and interesting people from other walks of life (because, well, everyone eats).

Perfect Pairings with Ali Khan Hot Takes on a Plate

Ali Khan is back on the pod! The Food Network and Cooking Channel star debates perfect pairings with Rob Petrone — everything from the best food to eat with White Claw to the best beverage to drink with Texas-style BBQ Brisket. Ali's new dog also makes a few appearances, plus Ali shares details about his new podcast, "Eat This. Drink That."See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at
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