You have to stand out from the crowd.

And you don’t accomplish that by being just like everyone else.

Most talent coaches and media consultants will focus on the “how” aspects of your performance — how you sound, how you look, how you act. They’ll nit-pick your hair, your clothes, your delivery. Those details are important, but they don’t mean a thing until you find your voice as a talent; your own unique, authentic identity. You need to be comfortable in your own skin and clear in your objectives. To perform your best, you have to discover and present the best version of you.

To achieve this, our work will focus on what before how, allowing us to hone in the things that make you memorable. I’ll dig deeper than most talent coaches, because what’s the point of critiquing how you talk to a camera or into a microphone if you don’t fully understand what makes you “you”?

I’ve spent two decades in front of the camera/behind the microphone and a decade coaching talent as an executive producer, so I not only know how to perform but also what hiring managers want from those being hired to perform. Those dual roles have also taught me that performance doesn’t mean much if you’re not working with good material. Which is why I’ll share insights from my award-winning producing career that will help you create the original content that makes you shine.

Together, we will find your voice, grow your confidence and focus on the best ways to tell your story.

Who can benefit from my talent coaching?

Hosts and Personalities

Do you dream of hosting your own TV show? I did it for nearly a decade. Are you a chef who wants to get in front of the camera? I’ve worked with hundreds of chefs over the years, coaching them to be their best when recording cooking demos. As a talent coach, I challenge hosts and personalities to discover and showcase what makes their perspectives unique.


Everyone’s podcasting. So how do you stand out in an extremely crowded field? I’ve hosted sports talk radio shows and currently host and produce a food podcast for a podcast network. Combining original content with engaging talent is our goal.

Broadcast Journalists

I’ve anchored sportscasts, reported live from breaking news events, told award-winning human interest and entertainment stories, and produced investigative pieces. If you’re a budding reporter looking to break through or a seasoned reporter trying to take your career to the next level, I can help.

“It’s rare to come across a brilliant talent like Rob Petrone. Rob has the incredible ability of bringing out the best in everyone!”

Christine Sloan, ABC News

Find your voice